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Alameda Kids Family Story

Concepción’s Story

At first, it was difficult. Our son acted differently and didn’t get along with other children. We didn’t know what he had. Many people were telling us it was probably hyperactivity or some other problem. We spoke to his pediatrician because we were worried. The pediatrician was also worried. He referred us to the Regional Center of the East Bay. We found out our son has Autism. I wanted to cry and I thought “Oh my child!” But now with all the therapy, we are more relaxed.

The services have helped our son and us as well. We put into practice what the therapists teach us. The services have helped him at school. Before, he wasn’t able to hold another child’s hand to go play. But now he socializes with other children. He gets along with them and he shares toys.

The services have also helped him at home. He would have trouble controlling his impulses. He didn’t know how to ride in a car seat and he would hurt his head on everything. He also couldn’t get along with his brother. We’d have to buy them two of everything because they couldn’t share. But now they share, they sit together, and they play together. Everything is different. He has advanced a lot.

I have also changed. I am able to deal more calmly with him.  All of us are better off.  I think some parents may worry about not speaking English and telling their problems to providers. They think they will be given a hard time. On the contrary, I have been helped very much.

Before my son was diagnosed, I didn’t even know about the Regional Center. Many people said leave him alone; don’t put him in that; and why is he in therapy when he’s so little? Now, I know many others who are in the same place as me. And my family is doing well. Every day we receive more help.