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Pre-school is an early learning experience for children ages 2 ½ – 5 years.  Pre-school can be part of an all-day child care program like Head Start or Licensed Family Care.  Or pre-school can be a partial day program where children go for 3 – 4 hours.  Whether it is an all-day or a partial day program, pre-school is an important opportunity to help children prepare for Kindergarten.

 Pre-school programs help children explore and build confidence.  Here are just a few things that children can learn in pre-school:

  • How to be students - they raise their hands, take turns, and share their teacher’s attention.
  • How to socialize - they learn how to get along with other children, compromise and solve problems.
  • Literacy and early reading skills - they learn new words, recognize their name in writing, and understand letters have sounds.
  • Language development - they listen and follow directions, have a conversation with their teacher, and tell a story about their family.
  • Early math skills - they count, compare groups of objects, and follow simple patterns.